You wouldn’t go to a bakery for great seafood.

Recruitment companies: there are hundreds out there. Why would you choose Firmus? Look at it this way. Every food business understands the process of combining ingredients to make something tasty. But you wouldn’t go to a bakery if you wanted great seafood. Seafood isn’t their specialism.

“We are aware that these roles are difficult to fill so everyone here has been really impressed, so going forward you will definitely be our preferred agency for IT vacancies”. Recent Client.

As the saying goes, you don’t know what you don’t know. The big generic recruiters may understand the process of recruitment. But they lack the knowledge needed to make sense of the tech sector. They have blind spots that they are not even aware of. They reduce candidates to sets of keywords and recommended them for roles that ultimately they can’t perform. 

Here at Firmus we specialise in tech recruitment – and tech recruitment only. We understand the sector. We know what skills are required to excel in a role. And we know what our candidates are looking for in their next career challenge. That saves time. It saves money. And it saves a lot of hassle.

Anyone for lobster?

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