We delve deeper than databases

Giving the role to the wrong person is a scary prospect. It wastes time. It costs money. It can derail your entire project and leave your business playing catch up with your competitors. That’s why we make sure you get the right candidates, right from the start – those who have the skillset and the hunger to excel in a company like yours.

Anyone can delve into a database of jobseekers and search for candidates by keyword. But it requires a tech expert to know whether or not a specific candidate has the right skills to really perform in your vacancy – from day one. It’s what keeps savvy businesses from the UK, Europe and beyond coming back to us to meet their resourcing demands.

Oh and one more thing. Because tech professionals know we are friendly and recruit for cutting-edge tech roles, our database features the crème de la crème of tech experts – including professionals who aren’t actively looking for new jobs and aren’t known to generic recruiters. So let’s not waste time. You already know who you want. And we know where to find them.

“Credit where credit is due, we couldn’t have done it without them. If you are looking for agency support then these guys worked so hard on working with us to deliver against some really tight timescales. There are great recruiters out there and these two are shining examples of what a partnership can be.” Recent Client.

Stop jumping through hoops and take control

Some recruiters are spectacularly fussy. They insist that you do things their way, on their contractual terms. We are flexible and work collaboratively with you to make sure you get the professionals you need, without forcing you to agree to specific pay days, indemnity clauses and contractual obligations that don’t work for you. Go and tell your legal team. It will make them smile. Which might be a first.

Not Hiring Yet?

You don’t need to hire yet.
But you will.

Perhaps you don’t need any new staff just yet. But you will do soon. There are two reasons. Firstly healthy growth (usually) goes hand in hand with the acquisition of new team members. And secondly you may have noticed that the tech sector zooms along incredibly quickly. Emerging technologies and fresh innovations arrive daily. As tech experts we can sit down with you and horizon scan. We will take a look at your business ambitions and industry challenges. Then we will help you to anticipate future resourcing demands and emerging tech trends. So you stay relevant, you stay competitive and you stay ahead of the curve.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Let's see if we can help you.

It takes two minutes to reach out - and you might be glad you did. Whether you want to re-energise your career or have a tech role to fill, we are (almost) always ready to talk. Get in touch for an informal chat with one of our experts. No salesy stuff, no strings attached, let’s see if we can help you. 

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